Characters are invisible in Limelight

Using Limelight, no characters are appearing either in the web preview or when viewed in app. The story continues as usual but the characters are simply missing, no matter what character they are. I’m pretty sure my script isn’t the problem, but I’ll post it just in case. I’ve already submitted a help ticket.


There’s this glitch currently, when characters are not appearing when you exit the app. Try to exit the story and enter again. Maybe this will help :thinking:

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Thanks for the help! Unfortunately I exited the story, opened a completely new one, and reopened it and my characters still weren’t there. I even uninstalled the app entirely then reinstalled. Nothing seems to be working.

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That’s weird :thinking: can you read other stories?

Yup! Every other story shows up completely fine.

do you have any errors?

Nope, doesn’t say that I do.

delete the script, save it and paste again, double check if you didn’t use zoom anywhere.

Is your character appearing in character avatar?

Did everything you said, but the character still doesn’t appear. She is however appearing in the character avatar editor.

Did you try to delete what you’ve got and maybe try to write another scene?

Yes, I’ve written multiple scenes using different scripts for character customisation, but the character models were invisible for all my attempts.

this is VERY weird :thinking:
is your story in cinematic or spotlight style?

It does seem strange haha
I believe I’m writing in cinematic!

Ok, my last idea :joy: did you try to create a new story and check if the same thing happens?

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Hmm, that worked for some reason!! Thank you so much for the help!!

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Solved and closed. :smiley: