Characters aren't appearing

I’m writing a script and at the beginning of it, the characters show fine. I added a new scene and it was all fine but then the character faced the wrong way so obviously, I was like okay I’ll just turn it around and everything will sort itself out. Now my character isn’t appearing at all, I went onto the spot director to see if my character was just at the wrong zone in the scene but they’re not. It appears they’re there on the spot director just they’re invisible. :pensive:

Please try and help if you have any ideas as to what could be wrong.

-Kind regards Ebony :slight_smile:

Can you show a screenshot of it?


I know the spot coding is different but that was just me messing around to try and see if i could find the character anywhere on the scene.

@JULLIETTE spot 0.922 -995 31077 in zone 3

you didn’t add the zone number

Still not appearing :confused:

try cutting to a different zone.
or try dragging the box until you see the character appear
or spot them somewhere else - and play around with it

I’ve tried playing around with the spots and the zones and it’s still not appearing. I’m going to try using another background and see if that will make any difference. Thank you for helping anyway :slight_smile:

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are you by any chance using an overlay?

try laying her in screen center, then drag her to the correct spot and change it, so you can see her

Not that i’m aware of, i was using two overlays in the previous scene but i got rid of them as soon as i switched scenes.

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Oh I see why now.
You have to do this
@JULLIETTE spot 0.922 -195 31077 AND JULIETTE faces left AND JULLIETTE starts lay_uncomfortable_loop

Still doesn’t work but thank you for the help. :frowning_face:

Oh it worked for mine though that is weird. You can see Joseph Evans episode tutorial on laying, I think it will help you.

are you spelling the name of character correct? are using the correct character?

test it out on another background

Okay, I will check him out. Thank you for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep i’m pretty sure i am, It isn’t telling me otherwise.

It seemed to work when she walks into the centre then lays down but then when I use spot direction she just disappears. :confused:

try this


&JULIETTE spot _________ AND JULIETTE is sleep_lay_uncomfortable AND JULIETTE faces left

if that doesn’t work, face her right

When you push spot, do you see her name?
I think she is laying on the floor. Very low.