Characters/Background Characters needed! Limelight

Hi, I’m currently writing my first story and I need characters so if you’d like to be in my story I need:

Story Summary

Caught up in the mafia world trying to balance out having “a normal” life, will he be able to save you from darkness or will that darkness eat you up alive? (female assassin as main lead) :smiling_imp:

Characters Needed

LI friends (both male and female)
MC male friend
Queen Bee of school out to get MC (2 friends needed for her role)
Gang members that will work under MC

Need MC MALE FRIEND and MALE gang members :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I can be BFF or Queen Bee :laughing: :laughing:

^you can dress me in a lofa dress IDC :joy: :joy:
but I would like to have that necklace one 24/7 cause that necklace is like the real one I have IRL


This is my character:

Whatever role you think suits her best.


I can be the LI friend or Gang members

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Y’all the best :blob_hearts:, I’ll get to creating your characters. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Np :grin: also if you need more after this i have a few :purple_heart:

I’ll take whatever characters you have, it’ll help me so such for my story

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Name for character?

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  • female generic - copper 00
  • arched natural - black
  • sleek ponytail - green mint
  • heavy lid upturned - brown pale
  • heart soft
  • pointed downturned
  • full round pouty - pink peach medium gloss

whatever you want

Eagle One Side Chest Tattoo Ink Multicolor
Scar Cheek (08-10)

Ummm here are 3 of them Iris doesn’t have a card because i just made her last night…umm
Levi can be MC friend and idk for the girls

And you can change the clothes for all of them even my character up top

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Oh I’m so sorry :rofl::rofl::rofl:

My names Logan :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Whatever you have left, and no need to credit me just let me know when the story is out, I would love to read it.

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I can be LI best friend or gang member whatever is open :white_heart:
skye cc card

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LL character card

whatever you think suits her best!!

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Any roles




Insta: @nightmare.writes

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For Iris I changed her lips to Full Heart Pouty if that’s okay, most characters I’m getting have Full Round I want to change it up a bit hope that’s okay

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That’s fine

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Can I be LI friend

btw whats the name of your story I want to read it :hugs:

you don’t have to put male but if you’d like :))

It’s Best of Both Worlds, but it’s not out yet :heart:

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ok I’ll read it when it’s published :hugs:

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I’ll post on my Instagram @Ryder_epii when it’s out

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