Characters becomes giant

Does anyone know how to make a character walk from 1 zone to another without the character becoming giant I know it includes advance spot directing I can only make them walk from 1 spot to another in a specific zone without the characters changing size but when they walk to another zone the characters changes size and it seems they’re walking on waves :ocean:


spot the character offscreen then make them walk to that spot
Ex from my script:
@YOUNGMC spot 1.078 -47 88 in zone 1

&YOUNGMC walks to spot 1.078 75 106 in zone 2
&YOUNGMC is run_cry_embarrassed_loop

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You mean holding the character using spot directing= scale then moving to offscreen copy stage then @character walks to spot ### in zone 2 :thinking:

now the numbers has to be change but els this is the code. i use

&JANE walks to spot 1.170 203 -1 in zone 3 in 6 AND JANE does it while run_cry_embarrassed_loop
@pan to zone 3 in 6

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This video can help you. :cherry_blossom:


@/CHAR walks to spot 0.830 161 107 in zone t in 3 AND CHAR is run_cry_embarrassed_loop
(t means time)

  • 1st you should spot and scale your character in zone 1 are then move the character is zone 3…thn copy and put it on your script.
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I watched the video but still :sleepy:
@pan to zone 2
@follow AKHI to screen left in zone 2 AND follow JANNAT to screen center in zone 2
@JANNAT walks to spot 0.880 275 161 in zone 2 AND JANNAT moves to layer 4 AND AKHI walks to spot 0.873 190 160 in zone 2 AND AKHI moves to layer 4 AND AKHI faces right AND AKHI is walk_talk_happy_loop then

can you guys help with this I want the camera to follow characters while walking to the spot but what it happens at first the sceen pans to zone then the camera follows and the bodies become giant :weary:

what is "follow’?
There is no such command.
For zooming, it should be @/zoom on xyz in 2 (how many seconds you want it to zoom in.)

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Ohhh I know what you mean! Are you trying to have the screen follox JANNAT? If so then you don’t need to do follow. The pan will automatically follow JANNAT. You would need to put,
@pan to zone 2 AND JANNAT walks to spot …

If you notice that the character arrives there before the pan has finished, then you put,
@pan to zone 2 in 3 AND JANNAT walks to spot… in 2

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Tell me if you don’t understand what i said :sweat_smile:

Yes, it’s the follow command

@follow CHARACTER to position in zone #


Oh alright, you learn something new everyday. :grinning:

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Yes I was trying to make the camera follow jannat

Ok then see if my message before works in your script! :slightly_smiling_face:

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