Characters Being Deleted

So, I have many stories that I’ve made on my mobile device and I’d love to add onto them but whenever I go into one of the stories, all of the characters aren’t in the characters tab. Also, if I click on them in the story, they disappear.
Anyone else having this problem?

I’ve been experienceing this problem too! It’s so weird

Maybe send a support ticket? And yeah, that happened for me a while back too. Also if the background had three zones it wouldn’t let me go to the second and the third zone.

I literally just made a post about this problem! I don’t get it

Unfortunately, many people are experiencing it. :frowning: The only thing you can do is submitting a Support Ticket. But, the answer that you will receive “We apologize, blah blah. We are currently working on it…use script instead.” I know it sucks, but letting them know might do something!

Thanks for all the replies, I’ll send a support ticket and see what that does. It sucks though because I’ve spent many hours writing my stories

I know it does. :frowning: I really hated it, I have a tip. If you kept your stories, go on a PC and log in with your account. Your story is scripted on the phone but it was made to be way easier! You can follow along what the scripting says and try to see if you can do it. That’s what happened to me! You can always read forums, if you wish. :))

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Flagged this to get moved to Mobile Creation Bug, more people can help there. This is a well known bug which doesn’t seem to have been fixed yet. The only current known solution is to keep exiting and reentering the story until the characters appear. The Episode Team is likely to be working on this as all mobile creation writers are having this problem. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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