Let me get to the point - in Episode, in all styles, there is one designated body style for men and women. Both of these styles are the “ideal body shape” for each gender. For the females, they’re petite, have big chests, they’re skinny, have a tiny waist, etc. The men have rock hard abs, they have large biceps, and they have a boxy man structure. While we get to change things like eye shape, face shape, and hairstyles, we don’t get to design anything else. I’m not asking for a full blown Sims customization option, but I think different body weights and styles would be great to see. This would make readers feel much more confident, seeing that perhaps a thicker girl is a main character in one of their favorite stories, when they’re currently worrying about body image. It could open up so much diversity for characters, and every character could look different. Plus, it would open up so many story options. I wanted to create a comedy/romance/drama story about a girl trying to loose weight for her school’s upcoming prom, but the only options I would have to make her “different” would be the pregnancy belly option, and that would be plain awkward.

Maybe someone’s mentioned this before, but I don’t see it anywhere. Like I said, I’m not looking for full blown HD human beings on screen, but since Episode is supposed to be diverse, and able to make any story come to life, it only makes sense to me that we could represent that in all shapes and sizes, literally!

Bodiesss! and types!

I know you said you don’t care, but we’ve got an existing suggestion thread- be sure to support it here- it’s got 160+ likes already, so if the team can see just how many of us believe this is super important (wHICH IT REALLY IS) in a centralized location, they’ll hopefully implement the feature.


Thank you! I couldn’t find it anywhere!


Closing as this is a duplicate of the thread @Lady-Mehek shared. Feel free to support there :slight_smile: