Characters: Body Types (Limelight)

Heyyy everyone! Ok so this is my first topic so I’m going to make this as understandable as I can cause I tend to think fast and all over the place lol. But on to the topic at hand.

So as you can see by the title I would like for Episode to add body types. Ok don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with the body type they have now it’s just…unrealistic. Episode has the same one body type for both the girls and boys and although they are nice, it just doesn’t allow us to really bring our stories to life you know because everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. Plus I think it would really enhance writers creativity!

For the women I was thinking they can have these basic body types:

While the men can have these basic body types:

So yeah, I know these are probably not the best photos, but I just wanted to get my idea across. Anywho, I would really love it if they could add body types so as creators and readers we can really see the story come to life! So if you support comment and let me know what you guys think!


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