Characters breaking the fourth wall?

What are your opinions on it? I HATE it. Like literally I would stop reading the most awesome story because of it.


fourth wall?

Really? I find it funny sometimes when a character breaks the fourth wall.

The fourth wall is the character facing the camera in the same direction we as readers are looking at the characters through the camera


oh they yea I agree its funny when that happens

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I love it, but there needs to be the right context for it.


I agree, if it happens constantly in the story that’s when I click away but once or twice in the right context is funny


LOL, there’s rare cases when they’re pulled off…but most of the time I find them kinda cringey :sweat_smile:

So essentially atcamera animations when the characters aren’t talking through a television or something :thinking:
I find them fine, honestly. I definitely don’t wanna be bombarded with it, but an occasional one or two doesn’t matter. I find it best suited for comedic devices, and talk_sarcastic_atcamera is a good way of like, letting a character telling a joke whilst looking away from the other character they’re speaking to.

I don’t mind as long as it’s not happening too frequently. :person_shrugging:

it really depends on how and why.

i used to really like it in my early teens, but it annoys me now