Characters, but no Plot

I need some ideas, if anyone is willing to share. I have four characters that I have created, but I have no idea what to write about. I will have a create your MC. I will also credit any users who have help me. :smiling_face:



It depends on what you want to write about :slight_smile:

Or like what’s your favourite genre

They look like college students going on an adventure in a forest…perhaps they discover something in the woods that feels “off” and end up trapped/having to investigate.

Reign has a crush on Clay, who is falling for Kumi. Kumi is also madly crushing on Clay, but both are too scared to ask the other out. Reid has feelings for Kumi and Reign and doesn’t know how to interpret her feelings.

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I love comedy, but I can do drama.

Ah okay. So maybe like their parents were part of a political party but the governor (can be male or female) ordered to kill them but they didn’t know that their friend (female) is still alive. So like basically the four girls get revenge, but maybe one of the girls doesn’t like maybe the MC (can be whoever you want) because the LI (the boy or girl) is bonding with the MC too much and she believes that when the MC causes trouble in the group.


This is a bit crazy but


One of them could have like a dark secret or something like that that gets them in danger and they all need to hide
For example kumi (or anyone) could be an assassin but then they get discovered and a target is put on kumi and her friends backs
And then you tell the story of before all the drama when they were just at school
During the drama when they are all hiding and there are arguments going on between them and after the drama
Ending idea

  • one of the 4 people die but the rest make it out alive they all never speak again but they blame kumi
    (Sorry I know it’s not a lot to go on)

This one’s more fantasy but maybe it could generate some ideas


Your all vampires and they have to move towns all the time to not be discovered
They move into a town filled with vampire hunters they have to pretend to be normal
Two of them start to catch feelings for 2 of the boys at their new school (the boys are vampire hunters)
Can the girls show the boys that not all vampires are bad or will they die trying?

Hope you like my story ideas even if they are useless to you

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I get Hangover crossed with Flight Attendant vibes from this group. Maybe they wake up after a night of partying and there’s a dead body in the hotel room with them and none of them can remember what happened. So then they have to try and piece together what went down while avoiding being arrested for murder… and the real killer is also trying to kill them, cause they witnessed it.


Very interesting, thanks for the feedback. :smiling_face:

I suck at fantasy, but that’s a cool concept, thanks for the feedback :smiling_face:

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Thanks, for the feedback :smiling_face: This would be an interesting plotline.

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