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hey guys ! today i’ll gonna teach you how to do your character’s personalities and development

I see a lot of people struggling with this… and it’s kinda hard to realize you are…

i’m going to start with the classic LI.

almost alway flirty , bullies and others girls have crushes on him. but stop ‘playing’ with girls until he meets the protagonist.

it’s totally fine if you want a bad boy LI but make him interesting!

Don’t make his traits just ‘inlove with MC’…

Does he read books? if so what kind?

How open is he to new people?

what other interests do he have outside school?

Inside person or outside person?

and what do he likes in a person? and etc…

this really goes with all characters.

next type of characters —> the mean girl aka the bully

Don’t make all the bullies look like regina george and her squad , make them look unique and why do they bully the other characters ?

are they self-conscious ?

Do they need to take their feelings out on someone ?

or do they like the character and that’s how their parents towards each other

is it verbal or physical?

continue bullying?

or will they ignore the character?

they can attempt to redeem themselves? if so why?

try to make them friends over time because not all bullies has 2 friends

and the character doesn’t Always have to forgive the bullies

the next type of character --> MC’s bff

they usually are party animal and sometimes the first friend that MC make

and inform you on other characters

usually ships the MC’s LI.

the bff doesn’t Always have to be a girl and doesn’t Always have to be a party animal.

and they doesn’t have to fall inlove,. give them a personality and other friends.

the next type of characters --> the nerd
the nerds is alway getting bullied (for being smart?) but for why?

not all the nerds are shy

not all the nerds are letting people bully them

not all the nerds wants to become a social Butterfly

try not to making them get a makeover because it giving the readers a bad impressions like “nobody is gonna like you until you Don’t get a makeover”

now let’s talk about negative and positive traits.

a lot of the time they doesn’t have negative traits… (sometimes the only “negative” traits is nerdy or shy even tho it not really a negative trait)

try to make them have at least one bad quality, it’s more interesting if they have good traits and then they can be bad at times.

for example Eliana is kind but she easily look past when people are mean.

anyways ,i hope i helped some of you guys . and these are all just suggestions.


very helpful! thx!


glad i could help :smiley: !



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I agree! Thank you, I struggle with character development


same here when I first did my story and didn’t know what to do but now im getting there.


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I would add, for any character, make sure to support that a character’s negative traits are actually negative by portraying them in a bad light and giving their bad choices consequences. If you’ve given your LI, for instance, the negative traits of being stubborn and selfish, and then have the MC think that behavior is cute and normal and there are no consequences for the LI, then they aren’t really bad traits, they create no conflict and add nothing to your story. Not to mention they make your MC look bad for accepting that behavior.


i agree , but it ok to be stubborn but selfish HELL NO . Because i’m pretty sure if the LI is selfish and the MC find that “cute” you’re probably gonna get some hate/complaining fanmails


I think either trait can be positive or negative given the right context but that wasn’t the point just an example. My point was that giving negative traits to characters doesn’t matter when they aren’t actually portrayed as negative in the story, I think a lot of authors do the things you’ve listed or think they are doing them but fail at actually implementing them in the text. I once reviewed a story where the best friend character did have defining characteristic but her entire personality was just a block of text in a long character introduction, the author described her as a fun party girl but never actually bothered to include the character throwing or going to any parties or doing anything fun so there was no point to actually giving her that personality trait.

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it like represent a character as a gamer but the character never play video games

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Or really smart and bookish but they never have anything smart to say and you never see them with a book, the author just put glasses on them.

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or worse they are being stupid

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I feel like this thread is more of breaking stereotypes type of thread, but I could be wrong.

I feel like characters should have more volume than just the basics. I also think that it shouldn’t be just be about their character but about their surroundings (people/friends/family)

For Example: My character Nalani she is goofy and is brilliant scienctist, she tends to over-think things but her friends calm her thoughts. She has issues with her mother, because there is no trust within their relationship and they are often distant.


Well, yeah, every story starts with recognizable cliches and common archetypes (stereotypes), growing out of those stereotypes is what character development is. How a character relates to the people around them and why is part of their development.

Nalani, cute name by the way, is the intellectual over thinker, common trope. Taking that initial idea, giving her a back story and showing how her characteristics can effect her personal life and relationships negatively or positively is character development.


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