Characters doing things in the back! SOS!

let’s say that we have this scene:
@zoom on 0 406 to 198% in 0
@AF spot 0.427 136 419 in zone 1 AND AF faces right AND AH spot 0.433 163 412 in zone 1 AND AH faces left AND BD spot 0.433 110 412 in zone 1 AND BD faces right AND JESSICA spot 0.724 119 231 in zone 1 AND JESSICA faces left AND MARIE spot 0.724 32 233 in zone 1 AND MARIE faces right AND AF is talk_unsure AND AH is listen_nod_neutral_loop AND BD is talk_angry

In this scene, I want the two girls in the front to have a conversation while the background characters are doing things at the same time. However, the background characters appear with “an idle” animation, or after they have done their animation they stay still and do not continue doing their animation! How can I fix that? I hope that this makes sense !

You probably need to find a looping animation to do that

Oh so it was that easy? For some I never thought of that lol! Thankk uuu soo muchhh <33

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