Characters don't do animation after using THEN?

They are supposed to rear but after they stop walking they are on idle. What did I do wrong?

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try and use strats instead of is, like this THEN NAME starts animations and then on the line after put a @pause for a beat

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You can change the command “is” to “starts” so that it plays immediately without any beats.
Separate the characters and put the code of the spot placements, and the walks to spot placements together so that they don’t go idle after they finished walking, like this:

&GRACE spot 0.800 211 10 in zone 1 AND GRACE starts rear AND GRACE faces right AND GRACE moves to layer 8 THEN GRACE walks to spot 0.429 139 315 in zone 1 in 7 AND GRACE does it while walk_neutral_rear AND GRACE faces right THEN GRACE starts rear
&LARISSA spot 0.858 283 11 in zone 1 AND LARISSA starts rear AND LARISSA faces right AND LARISSA moves to layer 9 THEN LARISSA walks to spot 0.450 177 317 in zone 1 in 7 AND LARISSA does it while walk_neutral_rear AND LARISSA faces right THEN LARISSA starts rear


It worked, thank you :heart: