Characters don't fade out correctly?!

So I’m wanting my characters to fade out when a reader clicks one to customize. The issue is that they quickly vanish instead of fading away.

When you get to the end of the customizing. I wanted to make that specific character fade away to return back to the customize selection again. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong. Can anyone help me out?!

First Part Of Code

&SHANE is laugh_chuckle
&JACK moves to layer 1 and SHANE moves to layer 3

@overlay SHANE_NAME create

@overlay PTSD_CODE to layer 2
@overlay SHANE_NAME to layer 4

@overlay 5378603589959680_SHANE_NAME shifts to -16 343 in zone 1
@overlay 5378603589959680_SHANE_NAME scales to 0.591 0.591

@overlay PTSD_CODE opacity 0 in 0
@overlay SHANE_NAME opacity 0 in 0

@overlay PTSD_CODE opacity 1 in 2
@pause for 0

&zoom on 159 377 to 135% in 2
&SHANE walks to spot 1.280 161 7 in zone 1 in 1
@overlay SHANE_NAME opacity 1 in 2
@pause for a beat

Second Part Of Code

&SHANE is head_bob
&SHANE moves to layer 1

@overlay PTSD_CODE to layer 2

@overlay PTSD_CODE opacity 0 in 0

@overlay SHANE_NAME opacity 0 in 0

@overlay PTSD_CODE opacity 1 in 2
@pause for 3

When you play it the first time on one of the characters, it plays fine but when you redo it again. It makes the characters disappear quickly.

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If you’ve coded the opacity timing to 0 they will fade immediately.
If you want something to slowly fade out you should change the opacity timing to 1 or higher.
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 1.2

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Hey how do you make a post on here I have questions too but only know how to reply to posts

When on the homepage they’ll be an option to create a ‘new topic’

Like shown in the photo above.
Click that and you can create a topic :slight_smile:

thank you :grin:

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