Characters don't hug the right way

Iona (short hair) is supposed to hug Elysian (long hair) on top not the other way. Please someone help.
Thank you!

Iona needs to be at a higher layer than Elysian, so adding something like this…

&IONA moves to layer 2
&ELYSIAN moves to layer 1

…should fix your problem.

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I just break.

@IONA moves to layer 2
@ELYSIAN moves to layer 1

@zoom on …(whatever you wrote)

@IONA walks to spot…

@IONA faces left AND IONA is hug_rear

IONA needs to be at higher layer than her (layer 4 is ahead of layer 3, 3 ahead of 2, 2 ahead of 1, 1 ahead of 0, and so forth)
A person at layer 5 would be in front of a person at layer 4 but behind a person at layer 6

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Check out this helpful guide:

thank you so much! it worked

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thank you so much!!

@Sydney_H can you close this thread please?

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Topic closed by OP request.