Characters don't look in the direction I want

Hello, so, I have a problem. But first, I’ll add the script down here :arrow_down:


@cut to zone 3

@zoom reset

@CAMILLO spot 1.879 285 -772 in zone 2 AND CAMILLO faces left AND CAMILLO is idle_rear THEN CAMILLO walks to spot 1.879 1 -394 AND CAMILLO is walk_neutral_rear THEN CAMILLO is idle_rear AND SAMUELE spot 1.768 150 -719 in zone 3 AND SAMUELE is idle_rear THEN SAMUELE walks to spot 1.768 137 -342 AND SAMUELE is walk_neutral_rear THEN SAMUELE is idle_rear AND SAMUELE faces left AND RAQUEL spot 1.922 253 -781 in zone 3 AND RAQUEL is idle_rear THEN RAQUEL walks to spot 1.922 244 -402 AND RAQUEL is walk_neutral_rear THEN RAQUEL is idle_rear AND RAQUEL faces left AND EMI spot 1.887 334 -744 in zone 3 AND EMI is idle_rear THEN EMI walks to spot 1.887 327 -384 AND EMI is walk_neutral_rear THEN EMI is idle_rear AND EMI faces left

My characters have to be all rear. I want @SAMUELE to face left, @RAQUEL to face left, and @EMI to face left, but these 3 characters look all to the right. What can I do? I’ll be very grateful if you’ll help me out.

So when it comes to rear animations, you want to do the opposite direction of how it would look normal

So your characters would facing right

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Thank you so much! It worked!

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Glad to help :relaxed:

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