Characters edit request



These four are from my new story soon to be released ‘The boy without a voice’ I would like a group edit.

These four are from my current story Trouble and Lies I would like a group edit of these four too.


I could do them


That’ll be great if you could, Thank you.

Could I see some examples?


Um so could I here are some of my examples but I can do it in episode style too


Thank you. I just seen some of your work and love it.


I didnt draw the face but I edited


Is that still ok


Yeah for sure


Ok so have you decided who you want to do your art ?
No pressure


After seeing both I think you,


Really which art did you see from me and Thanks


I’m not sure if I saw them all but… no worries


Ok so you wanted a pfp


I guess


Ok can you give me the deets


Me and my team can


Um could I do this one plz ?


2 of the characters for Trouble and Lies the black haired one is the same skin tone and lips as Alden his brother

2 for The boy without a voice, Cleo and Leo have olive skin and classic lips, Leo fawn coloured hair and Cleo blonde,


Its a orifle pic and u want them to be edited