Characters for a Story

I’m currently writing a story and I need some people who want to be characters in the story. The story will take place in the zombie apocalypse. This story will partly rely on reader feedback/people wanting to be in the story. This story will be in the INK style.
There aren’t a specific number of people I am looking for. There will be smaller and larger roles available.
Here are some things I need to know

  • Do you want to be a zombie or a survivor?
  • Gender
  • Desired Looks
  • Name
    Note: if you have a pic of your character that would be helpful but not required.
    And if you have a certain outfit that would be helpful also.

If you want to be a survivor I need to know…

  • Age(They can be a child or an adult)
  • Skills (ex. Good cook, runs fast, good at shooting)
  • Are they a good guy or evil?
  • Weapon (be realistic, if it is too crazy I will change it, or only have it be mentioned as what their ideal weapon would be if they could have it.)
  • Personality(good traits,bad traits, and quirks, ex. Kind, stubborn, snorts when laughing hard.)
  • Backstory (during apocalypse or before)
  • Special requests? (Any special requests for your character?)

Remember you can request to be a good guy or a villain. I will always no matter what accept requests when they are fine with/want to be a zombie. you can also make a request for multiple characters.

Remember I would like Villians also!

Thanks, please ask to be in my story!

Hey, I’m Vivainah and I would love to be in your story!!
~I want to be a survivor
~light skin, Rebel half shaved (chestnut brown) hair, upturned bold (black)eyes, nose style-eleven, defined natural eyebrows, face shape-soft heart, classic mouth and lip colour -ruby red.
~ Vivainah
Age: 19
Skills: fast learner, can jump high, fast runner, can crack really funny jokes.
Weapon: faint gun
Personality : determined, calm, stubborn, witty and doesn’t forgive anyone easily
Backstory: has no parents but a younger sister whose responsiblity is on me to protect from zombies which turns me into a survivor!!
Special request : Ummmm, I want a pet dog, can I…pleaseeeee
So that’s all, I hope I’ll be in your story!!!
Vivainah :heart:

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Yay, thank you for being the first person to request! I will make sure you are in this story. I will probably put you in chapter 2-3. You will probably be a main character (since you’re the first to request!) I have just a couple quick questions though…
Any specifics as to how you want the younger sister to look?
How old is the younger sister?
I can’t give your character a dog but I can mention that your character had a dog before.
Warning, I am absolutely no good at jokes. So I will probably be looking at the internet to try to find some that should be funny.

Thanks for considering my request!! :heart:
~Sister can be 10 years old. You can use the same details as mine to customize her just change up some things like : hair colour (fawn) mouth : blossom lips(pink colour) all the rest can be same. :tipping_hand_woman:
~yeh, it’s fine about the dog :dog: :heart:
~okay, it’s fine with the jokes too :grin:
Thanks again for giving me the opportunity!!!

Thanks for being understanding.
I just realized I forgot to ask one more question.
What do you want the sister’s name to be?

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It can be lilly,and her personality can be sassy and cool!!

Hi, I would like to be in you story

  • Survivor or zombie: Can I be a survivor
  • Gender: Female
  • Desired look: Skin: Light, Lips: Full round (bordeaux/cherry red), Nose: Roman, Eyes: Downturned Natural (green), Eyebrows: Defined Natural, Face: Soft Heart, Hair: Long feathered (blond)
  • Name: Konny
  • Age: In the story I want to be 16
  • Skills: Never misses a target, runs fast and can throw good punches
  • Good or Bad: Good
  • Weapon: Some type of handgun, you can choose
  • Personality: Stubborn, loner, overprotective, only trusts a few people, Loyal
  • Backstory: She had a brother, Liam, a mother and a father. They were the perfect family. Her parents saved her, but they got killed/taken away/whatever zombies do, and Liam and Konny kept on trying to survive. Liam died from infection or something like that
  • Special request: A best friend who I trust most of everyone

Thank you for requesting to be in my story. I will make sure to put you in it. You will probably show up in episode 3.

Thanks for the additional info!

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I want to be a survivor!
Age: 15
Skills: Good at shooting, Cooking, killing when angry.
Are they a good guy or evil?: Good
Weapon: Rifle, Knife.
Personality: Crazy, Random, weird, awkward and hot tempered.
Backstory (during apocalypse or before): Her mother was a whore (prostitution), who was murdered by a john.
Her father, Her mother’s 21st john, took her in, but went crazy after he lost his family, mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, and he started to abuse her,
She shot him with a rifle at 5, and then went insane. It was an accident, he used to lie and make her feel like his abuse was her fault, and told her he loved her as his abuse was simply out of rage for the deaths of the family. Now she hates him, her therapist told her she should forgive, she forgave him too many times as a child, and refuses to now.
Later on, she fell in love with the therapist’s son who was 14, and she 15.
HE died in the zombie Apocalypse…Or did he?
Special requests? (Any special requests for your character?): Yeah, can he come back? Her late boyfriend, he isn’t really dead.
Do you want to be a zombie or a survivor?
Gender: Female
Desired Looks: Round face, bold eyes, eye color hickory, taupe mouth and skin, blossom lips, classic pixie cut hair, darkest brown hair color, elven nose, defined natural eyebrows.
Name: Treasure

this character is based off of mental me (Me in my brain versus me in real life, in my head I’m funny, sarcastic and crazy, weird and random. I like it.) The back story is completely made up, and I have never shot a gun in my life. or used a knife. and I will never fall in love under the age of 18. There are some differences to me and her in my brain, but still. She will hurt you if you insult God, also mental me. She is a Christian. She also dreams of chainsawing Satan, (Mental me) too. She is a interesting character. Lol XD She is crazy in love with him, and would hurt them both if he cheats, she hurts bigots, murderers, and threatens potential baby killers. And them she’d hurt them if they tried.
She’s our minds, she has common sense, and if he wasn’t in a zombie apocalypse, she’d call the police on him if ever hurt her, she has a sweet side as well. She’s not all crazy.

HEr boyfriend:
Name: Jonah
Do you want to be a zombie or a survivor?: sURVIVER
Gender: maLE
Desired Looks:
Hair: Slicked Back Hair (Grievance Green)
Face: Cade (Taupe)
Eyebrows: Mature Grand (Black)
Eyes: Classic Almond (Green)
Nose: Roman
Mouth: Classic (Blush)
Body: Beige

Age(They can be a child or an adult): 14

Skills (ex. Good cook, runs fast, good at shooting): Runs fast, kills good, tinkerer, Genius, Seducer

Are they a good guy or evil?: Good

Weapon: Guns, Knives, Old bats.
Personality(good traits,bad traits, and quirks, ex. Kind, stubborn, snorts when laughing hard.): Romantic, cunning, Seducer, crazy, likes to kill things, funny, random at moments, hates zombies.
Backstory (during apocalypse or before): He was the son of Treasure’s Therapist, He went crazy after his mother and sister died in a fire. His sister was 13.

Special requests? (Any special requests for your character?): He needs to come back after “death”, but I don’t him back TOO soon, he’s like that surprise that viewers can’t believe is still alive. She must be shocked and happy, this is like the joker and harlequin to me, but no abuse, or she would kill him. I’m not joking.

Anytime girl!! If you have any more queries just hit me up anytime…

I’m not quite sure how to fit them into the story but if I can find a way to fit those interesting characters into the story I will be sure to.

Don’t worry, you will :wink: <3

Hey!! I’d love to be in your story, as I’m a sucker for the Walking Dead.

  • Survivor,
  • Female
  • If possible:
    Straight (Blue Light) Hair,
    Taupe Skin Tone,
    Full Round Lips (Plum)
    Upturned Feline (Blue) Eyes
    Upturned Nose,
    Oval Face Shape,
    Age: 21
    Skills: Martial Arts black belt and knows how to handle any gun.
    Personality: Rebellious, Hides her feelings from everyone with jokes.
    Backstory: Parents were murdered right infront of her eyes by a gunner and little sister died to zombies,
    Special Request: Maybe pretends to die but comes back later?

Lol, I want to be a ZOMBIE!!!

Erm…a female zombie. Do you still need my customization details?

Yes, I would still like to have your details.

Thank you for wanting to be a zombie! It is very useful to have various looks for the zombies, that way they don’t all look the same.

Can I be the survivor?
Gender: Female
Name: Vivian or Vivi
Skills: Good flexibility, good memory, good at math, good at drawing, good with technology, good reflexes.
Looks: light ocre skin, oval shaped head, upturned bold brown eyes, straight black hair, blossom blush lips, aquiline nose, medium soft arch
Age: 18
Personality: Stubborn, Loyal, Funny, Awkward, No filter, Childish, always makes jokes to mask emotions, socially awkward, creative, talks a lot, understanding, kind-hearted, tends to bottle up emotion before exploding.
Before the apocalypse: She was about to go to college, but had an argument with her parents about her future when she wants to pursue her dreams in arts and runs away to her boyfriend’s house when the apocalypse had started.
After the apocalypse: When she got to her boyfriend’s house, she realizes that her boyfriend had been infected and tries to stay with him. Her boyfriend almost attacked her, so she ran for her life.
Good or bad?: Good
Special request: I don’t know if you would ever gonna kill my character in the story, but if you do… Make the character requested one of the main characters to sing her a song when she is dying.
Weapon: Probably a bat or a a crow bar
Here is the zombie boyfriend features:
Name: Bruno
Gender: Male
Special request: Cade tattoo
Details: Square jaw, caramel skin, wild curly black hair, roman nose, small round lips terra-cotta, classic round eyes brown, thin arch
He is a zombie btw.

He is 19 btw