Characters for edits!



Hello! So I have noticed that many people have been making threads to ask for characters to edit. So to make it easier I thought I’d put a bunch in one place!! These characters are completely free for you to use! no credit needed!

Have fun! Make sure to place this as “Watching” so that you get notified when I add more characters!

INK Male characters
Waste up


Full body

INK Female characters
Waste up

Full body

Feel free to post any outlines, edits, etc that you make from the characters on this thread!!!

also! feel free to leave screenshots of your characters and outlines for others if you want!!


Here’s some of my characters/outlines whoever needs to use them:

Sorry they are all waste up and the ones to go over are the same person. If anyone ever uses these, show me! I’d love to see your work.


This is brilliant, Luna!


Here are mine! I added LL too because some people do LL edits too!


Thats my details

And some of my coded characters you can edit

If you editing those coded characters or my character send me your edit :blush:


Omg thank you so much!!!