Characters for my story! (LL)

Hi beautiful people! I’m currently writing a story for the Reveal Contest, and I need as many characters as I can. The story takes place in an academy so I will need teachers, students, etc. I have created a few background characters with the Randomizer, yet I prefer to have more decent characters :no_mouth:

Btw, I will probably change the eye color of some characters because the plot has to do with that, but if that’s not okay with you, let me knoww :heavy_heart_exclamation:

For anyone interested, leave your characters details and how I should credit you. Thanks in advance, it would be much appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Her Nickname is"Pup" or “Puppy”!

Credit: @timber.pup_ on Instagram!

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Tysm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Body: Female Generic (Neutral 04)
Brow: Arched Natural Scar (Deep Brown)
Hair: Long Wavy Blowout (Green)
Eyes: Hooded Slender Almond Eyeliner (Blue Green)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: Full Round Pouty (Neutral Medium Matte)


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No credit needed!

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Name: Giulianna
Skintone: Copper 2
Body Type: Athletic
Brow: Arched Thin (Blackjet)
Hair: Long Wavy Blowout (Blonde Medium)
Eyes: Female Generic (Blue Deep)
Face shape: Diamond
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Mouth: Full Round Pouty (Fair Neutral Matte)

Outfit: Distressed Jean Jacket Open Denim Blue, Floral Tattoo Ink Multicolor, Eyebrow Piercing Horizontal Barbell Silver, Double Button Shorts Denim Blue Marine, Structure Bralette Top Denim Light White, Ankle Tied Strappy Heels Leather White

Traits: A bit bad around the edges, but will always have everyone’s back. Can be as sweet as candy, but if you make her mad in any way… WATCH OUT!

IG: @giulianna_creates

(You can change my eye color if needed)
(My orginial outfit can also be changed, as well…)

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ty :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

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thankuuu :blob_hearts: :innocent:

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Idk if you still need any but…



You don’t need to credit me but if you want to my episode account is cassidymarie!

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Thnx girll :blob_hearts:


Um you can credit me by my insta acc @Jazzie_episode

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I don’t need credit, but my episode names: Elira.Rivera

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ty for so many characters, you’re really helpful! :pleading_face: :heartbeat:

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thnx! :revolving_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thanks a lot girl :blob_hearts:

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No problem :blush:

here’s mine, no credit necessary


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thanks! :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :revolving_hearts: