Characters for Reality TV Story CLOSED

Hi there! So, I am working on an episode story that is like a highschool Reality TV show. A lot of the characters I’ve already designed, but I want to pull some of the cast from the community!

I am going to pick at least 3 girls and 3 boys from the replies. *

This is not first come first serve. I will pick my favorite of your characters, but please don’t be dissapointed if I don’t pick your character. The personality probably just didn’t fit my story.

  1. The character can NOT be in any other episode story (so that it follows the crossover guidelines)
  2. The character must be in Limelight
  3. Include a screenshot of the character, not just text
  4. Still include text character traits
  1. Include details on his/her personality
  2. Tell me about his/her likes or dislikes
  3. Basically let me get to know your character
  4. Sneak the word ‘bean’ into your comment
  5. Make the character look like a teenager (16-18yrs)

If your character gets in, I’ll credit you at the end of each episode.

*If there aren’t enough replies, I might change this amount.


If you read the crossover guidelines you find you can no longer have people make you characters.


I believe you can have other people make you characters as long as they do not appear in any other story. Because technically the characters I use will belong to me and the people who created them are basically just helping me write the story, which is allowed.


This is true. So long as they don’t appear in another story, it is not a violation of the guideline. :+1:


Thanks for clearing that up :smile:

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SEXUALITY: bisexual
PERSONALITY: sometimes a bi*tch, but nice to those that respect her

me deets

my personality

I am really bubbly, funny, and i tRy to be a gOoFball. I am really protective over my friends and i trust them easily. But i do have really bad jealousy issues, which causes me to act cold at certain times. A big fan of food, i’m a sucker for it lol. I hate being alone and i always care about what other people think of me, which causes me to do lots of things to ‘fit in’.

Oh thank you Sydney, now I understand, I had been asking this question to others for awhile and never got a proper answer.


Thank you too for explaining this. I have been so confused!

No problem :slight_smile:

Name: Lina Spears


Body: rose 04

Eyebrows: arched natural (dark black)

Hair: Sleek Ponytail (dark black)

Eyes: deepest upturned wide (black)

Face: Diamond defined contour

Nose: defined nose

Lips: full round flat top skin (red deep matte)


She tends to wear a lot of red/black, and dresses super angsty. Always looks good.





Sarcastic, snarky, kind of an asshole because she’s so blunt and brutally honest. Apathetic, PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, sassy, not afraid of anything/anyone. She’s a total badass and is super intelligent, cold, calculating, and especially manipulative. But she’s not downright a mean girl. She only shows emotion around her closest and most trust friends, she doesn’t warm up to people quickly. She has emotional walls and doesn’t really let people in for the fear that she’ll get hurt. She’s very angsty and super pessimistic/realistic. Has kinda high standards in terms of romance. She says what she thinks and doesn’t really have a filter.

Instagram: @zapcatini.episode

Ooh, I love her! Lina’s in. Just to make sure, she’s not in any other stories right?

Also how would you like to be credited? (Like what account(s))

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I change up her name and personality so she’s not technically in any other stories lol
you can credit my instagram @zapcatini.episode (tell me when u release ur story so i can read it!!)

Perfect, that works! She’ll be a great addition to the cast :smiley:

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