Characters for Story

I need some characters for my story. I would love it if you guys added your own characters. It would be really helpful. It really doesn’t matter how many, I just need a few. My story is Limelight. Just send me the details for your characters and I’ll put them in my story.

Names that I already have:

  • Julia
  • Lauren
  • Scarlett
  • Brett
  • Rayne
  • Melanie
  • Taylor
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and Maya

Do you have any specific details that you want your character to look like?

skin: tan rose
eyebrows: arched natural, chestnut brown
eyes: deepest down turned, colour blue deep
face shape: heart defined
hair: short wavy ombre, colour chestnut brown
nose: defined natural
lips: full heart pouty, colour fair neutral matte

name: Madison

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Should I give the traits of the character?

You can.

Ok so her name is Kira anddd idk really, feel free to make up traits for her

Ok, will do.

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