Character's Height

Hey Guys,

Just wondering how do you make character shorter or taller?


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You can use spot directing by changing the “switch tool” from ‘scale’ to ‘move’


Thank you so much

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Anytime :))

Hey, I’m sorry to bother you again. Do you know how to keep the character that height in the story

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It will stay in the same position until you change the spot
And to keep the same height in different scenes, just copy the same spot code you used here


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Did you figure out how? If so, can you copy and paste here? Im really confused and i seriously need help haha

Every character has 3 data points.
Size, x-coordinates and y-coordinates

You code it like this

This character’s code name is FTEEN9
@/FTEEN9 spot 0.559 281 240 in zone 1

0.559 is how big she is
281 is her location, left and right on the screen
240 is her location up and down

If you want her to be bigger, you increase the first number.
Smaller, decrease that first number.

You can do this on the portal or on the app.

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