Characters help!

Hi there !
I am writing another story and I wanted to have some of the characters I had in the other one changing only some features and names… Isn’t this possible ??
I don’t want to think to make all again ! >.<


Then you need to check the characters details from your other story, and create your character depending on what you chose for them then. :revolving_hearts:

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You want to copy your characters from one story to another? This isn’t possible. You’ll have to create them all again.


Ya I was hoping to do something like this… I wrote my first story and did random characters (around 15 :sweat_smile: ) but then I changed the main story and now I have so many characters that I could use for the other one :pensive: .
Thanks anyway ! :kissing_heart:

No problem. Maybe that’s something they could implement in the future. :crossed_fingers:

Best of luck with your story.

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Ya thanks for underline :joy::joy:

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