Characters in the right places

Hi everyone,

Something isn’t right with my backgrounds.
When I have my characters placed on the background while I’m writing the story, they are in the right place. But when I look at it on my phone they are not in the right place and so is the text all the time.
Could someone help me, to get it all right?

Greetings Mirjam

Hmm…I may be able to help you if I get to see your script. Can you show me it?
Also, by text you mean the ones on the speechbubbles, right?

Here is my script:

@NORA spot 1.343 248 -20 in zone 1 AND NORA faces left AND NORA does it while listen_phone_happy_loop
@NORA moves to layer 3
@YADE spot 1.343 58 -20 in zone 1 AND YADE faces right AND YADE does it while listen_phone_sigh
@YADE moves to layer 3
NORA (talk_phone_happy_loop)
Hi Yade, where are you?
YADE (talk_phone_sad_loop)
Euh… I don’t know.
NORA (talk_phone_surprised)
You don’t know?
Are you lost again?
@YADE is listen_phone_sigh
NORA (talk_phone_neutral_loop)
Ah, I see.
NORA (talk_phone_neutral_loop)
How does it look like?
A forest?, a park?, traffic?
YADE (talk_phone_neutral_loop)
A park.
Wait, I will send you a photo.
@YADE is selfie_phone
@NORA is read_phone_neutral_loop
NORA (talk_phone_neutral_loop)
Ow, I know where you are.
YADE (talk_phone_neutral_loop)
O, okay.
And where are you?
NORA (talk_phone_happy_loop)
Outside the college, where we will attend tomorrow.
@YADE is react_phone_surprised
YADE (talk_phone_surprised)
Is that far, from the park?
NORA (talk_phone_neutral_loop)
No, just walk across the path to the right.
And then at the end of the park, you go left.
YADE (talk_phone_happy_loop)
Ow, so easy.
@NORA is talk_agree_happy
YADE (talk_phone_happy_loop)
Okay, see you later.
NORA (talk_phone_excited_loop)
Yeah, see you later.
@NORA is hangup_phone_neutral
@YADE is hangup_phone_neutral

(yes with text I mean the speechbubbles)

Hmm…have you published your story…? Or when you preview on the app, have you tried pressing the ‘update’ box?

I just updated the script now it works

No problem! :blush:

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