Characters? LL Only



These are the ones that I give, 6 males because there aren’t enough males ever anymore.

You can use them however you like, kill them off, whatever’s good, whatever’s needed. Or you can look at these and be like, “These characters suck. I’m not using any of them.” Or you can just pick and choose…ya know. Whatever’s good. ^^

You can credit me as @nelida.u.episode (my instagram)

Atlas Ortiz

Atlas Ortiz is a snarky, clever, intelligent, very flirtatious and slightly flamboyant guy who likes to cause trouble; he likes offending people, LOL, and loves people even more when he tries to get a rise out of them and they’re unaffected. He’s super not serious unless he is working/in danger, things of that nature. He’s very suave, as well as a provocateur.

His sexual orientation is homosexual, and I personally ship him with Zephaniah. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but I’d prefer if you don’t involve him romantically with anyone unless it is Zeph (at least not seriously), he can mess around with other guys if you want, just as long as he doesn’t fall in love with anybody but Zeph.

His father does not approve of him being gay, and his mother is simply indifferent…about everything.

If he had any abilities, it would definitely have something to do with lightening/electricity/sparks and whatnot. And his role would be something to do with studying and researching. Some kind of scientist or just someone that is really well-read on a number of subjects.

Elias Lavan

Elias is a slightly religious Jew, the youngest of the Lavan family (there’s four of them here), and he is a happy-go-lucky, cheerful and optimistic guy.

He would be straight, but he’s not super inclined to romance. shrugs Do whatever you like with that.

If there’s an option for this character to not have abilities, that’d be Elias right there for you. Just a normal kid, really simple, and he likes it that way. He can have any role you need for him so long as it is nothing too brainy.

Jedidiah Lavan

He’s the eldest and the most religious Lavan sibling. He’d wear the yarmulke more often if there was one available…lol. He doesn’t agree with Zephaniah’s lifestyle, but as brothers, he still loves and treasures him. He is very stoic and business-oriented.

Sexuality is heterosexual.

And Jedidiah would have little to no supernatural ability. If he had one, it’d be something like watered-down telekinesis. And his role is definitely some kind of shopkeeper, business owner, something like that.

Soshanna Lavan

She is very open minded, the second eldest Lavan sibling and closest to Zephaniah. She is extremely optimistic and happy just like Elias and she has a passion for singing and dancing, as well as having a beautiful voice. The most artistic of the bunch, no question. She’s most supportive of Zephaniah.

She’s a heterosexual and her hair is naturally dark brown, but bleached here. So if bleaching hair is not a thing you can do in your world, you can change her hair to be dark brown instead of blonde to make more sense. If you want. >.>

Her gifts would be an ability to create sounds (vibrations) in the air. You can weaponize this if you want, but she’d prefer to use it for entertainment purposes, a performer. So some kind of singer/dancer would be her role if that’s possible. If they’re all not really able to enjoy music here, she would easily be a religious scholar or worship leader (a synagogue leader in her case).

If they can’t be Jewish here, that’s fine, whatever religion you would use for your story, the Lavan family would practice, like if the world’s religion is Pagan…>.> If Judaism doesn’t exist, you know?

Zephaniah Lavan

Zephaniah identifies as bisexual, and prefers other men. He is also semi-religious. I ship him with Atlas Ortiz, and he is a very quiet, reserved, observant, and a clever guy. He can often be very sarcastic, and he seems to “stare” too much while studying people or anything, really. He has a very thick skin, so it is difficult to upset or offend him. The only thing that really bothers him is when people say terrible things about his religion. (Not even Jews, like, you can say stuff about Jews and he’ll be okay, but the religion itself, he’ll rush to defense)

Also, he’s a little bit of a player…just a tad! Likes getting together with all sorts of people and then deciding that he is no longer interested. But he wouldn’t fall in love with anyone except for Atlas.

His powers would be either one of these things: super strength OR speed/flexibility.

His roles for me are always a political figure/commentator, but I know that’s not an option, but he is interested in politics and would have opinions usually more in the center of the issues. So besides that, he could be a performer with Soshanna, he has a lovely voice as well, a poet, because he has a way with words, or he would be a solider/spy if that’s possible.

Elijah Landau

Elijah is a physical guy. Really fit, really active, likes working out and loves sports. He’s your nice guy, guy next door, can do no wrong kinda fella that people love but then find out that he’s not really that interesting and…oddly, dully normal.

He is hetero

And his powers would be either non-existent or…I guess anything you might need. Same with his roles, except if he could be a soldier/agent/spy, etc. He’d do something along those lines.

Isaiah Washington

Isaiah loves everybody. He’s like a magnet to people, a very popular personality and sweet guy, though sometimes shy…at first. After knowing him for a while, he can end up being kinda mean-spirited sometimes. Especially when he’s comfortable around you, he can shoot off the mouth without thinking often.

His sexuality is bi, but he prefers women.

Powers would be something like being able to see way far away, like a hawk. Role can be anything you like, or none.


May I use ur character?


May I please use your characters?


They seem awesome! I’ll be happy to use them. TYSM!


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For a story I am working on :stuck_out_tongue:


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Personality: Strong, Best at what she does, always impresses everyone, Mean to people who she doesn’t like, sleeps around(With men and women)
Ability: strength and nature power?
Role in the bunker: Anything taht fits but if possible maybe some leader?


Okay cool! Thank you!


Name: Chanel
Body: Copper 07
Brow: Arched Natural Scar
Hair: Short Straight Tucked
Eyes: Angular Slender (Ice Blue)
Face: Defined Square
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Flat Top Pouty

Personality: Witty, Smart, Fast, Sassy but caring to those close and tight to her. Prefers being classy.
Ability: Teleportation and Lightning
Role: Leader’s assistant/sidekick


so if you still need characters here is mine
Name: Eli

outfit: whatever you want
personality: funny, kind of introverted, loves to party, very sarcastic, if you are mean or hurt the people she loves she will fight you and loves to help others that are nice
ability: shapeshifting
role: whatever you think is the best :grin:


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Awesome thanks!


No idea if you still need characters but here they are:
I usually use them as siblings but they can be whatever you choose.

Personality - Typically a loner, protective of Lynn, Cool but he’s respectful towards women (not bad boy material) and clever. It’s hard to play him for a fool.
Sexual orientation - Straight
Superpower: Super smart, can unravel a mystery in seconds
Role: Strategist?
Personality - Always optimistic and carefree. Self-sacrificing for others. Sweet and kind.
Sexual orientation - Pansexual. She can fall in love with anyone.
Superpower: Power of influence. Can calm people or ignite people with just a few words.
Role: Peacekeeper


I would love to use them! Thank you!


Robyn will be a “construction worker” in the bunker. And Kevya’s role is bookkeeper. Bookkeepers hold all the important information such as files and has a “library” in the bunker full of important books and stories.


Name: Mya
Personality: Really funny, sarcastic & confident, xtremely loyal to her loved ones and friends, an especially good liar due to her powers, tries to be an optimistic but at times she’s a realist, refuses to use her powers than can harm/kill the innocent, extremely stubborn and loves adventure and danger and basically anything she can do to use her powers to help people which is surprise to many since she always try to help he friends stay out of trouble. Sorry if that was too long lol
Height: Short (5’0)
Skin tone: Copper 3
Brows: Arched Natural (Black Dark)
Hair Style: Hair Flip (Black Dark)
Eyes: Female Generic (Brown Dark)
Face shape: Round Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Beige Deep Natural)
Tattoos: Hip rose tattoo & Scull and Roses tattoo

Ability/power: Element Manipulation/physic abilities(reading minds, controlling people)
Role: You can choose I don’t mind.
Sexuality: Straight


The jacket is totally optional though incase you’d like to show the tattoos :))


Your character is going to be a guidance counselor/adviser


Hey,just finished reading the story and I love it!
Sexuality: Homosexual
Personality: Shy,stubborn,very sarcastic, friendly and caring towards friends.
Power: Healing
Role: Medic/Healer


Oh my god! THANK YOU SO MUCH! That means a lot! I would be happy to put your character in the story!