CHARACTERS: More! Diversity!

I’m sure this has been said, so, so, sooo many times already, but… we need more diversity and options for characters in Episode.
Some suggestions/things I want to see:

  • A kid model
    -Kiddie clothes for the adult models. Not only just in case a kid model would be too demanding, but also to represent ‘kidlike’ adults and age regressors.
  • Maybe make the customization options for transfeminine folk not look so… awkward?
  • actual chubby body. Not to be rude, but if we’re being realistic the Limelight ‘soft’ body is NOT what a soft-bodied girl looks like. That is what an average skinny girl looks like. Our bellies are naturally squashy. There are organs in there.
  • flat-chested option for the female model. it would work for representing transmasculine folk and children.
  • maybe an androgynous model?
  • speaking of androgynous! I want to see intersex bodies! (not their bits, of course, but quite a few have mixed secondary sex characteristics
    -more body hair than just legs
    -fat guys! chubby guys! not guys held to an unrealistic body standard!
  • feminine clothing for male models that, uh, doesn’t include boobs.
  • more masculine clothing for the female models
    -less revealing clothing
    -more cultural clothing
    -more clothing options for alt styles! I wanna see platform boots!
    -graying hair
    -hearing aids
    -active wheelchairs, both manual and electric
    -hearing aids
    -white cane
    -cochlear implants
    -guide dogs
    -stim toys
    -ponchos! such as the lovely Andean ruana!
    -traditional clothing
    -‘old’ clothing (from different eras, such as the renaissance)
    -worn, hand-me-down clothing
    -s/h scars. no need to be graphic, but it’s a nice option to casually hint at a character’s poor coping mechanisms without showing them in the act
    -scars in general that aren’t on the face
    -amputee bodies!
    -more afro-texture hair options! I wanna see beads, twists, cornrows, crochet hair!
    -offer the same hair for all models
    -top surgery scars, preferably all different kinds but if you just do the most famous kind i won’t mind
    -mastectomy scars!
    -swim shirts for dudes.
    -swim trunks for girls.
    -I’d like to see things like lavalava in the clothing.
  • a. mohawk. punk? mohican? both kinds!!
  • bonnets, durags, swim caps, etc.
  • the ability to make a character bald in an outfit (to accomodate a headpiece, usually)

I support!!!

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