Characters movement

How do I make characters move to different zones

There are two codes for that

The first one when a character is walking to another zone when it’s walking out of picture:

@CHARACTER walks to zone #

Or the second one where the “camera” follows the character to the other zone:

@follow CHARACTER to zone #

It’s saying it’s wrong

PM me the script

How do I do that

Actuall I know what’s wrong, I wrote totally wrong.

The first code is:

@CHARACTER walks to screen # in zone #

And the other one is:

@follow CHARACTER to screen # in zone #

I’m so sorry that I gave you the wrong information :woman_facepalming: I haven’t written on my story in a couple of months :sweat_smile:

When you PM someone you go into their profile and click on the blue button where it stands “message”, you click on that and then write your message in it :blush:

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