Characters moving in unison

is direction has the character moving individually how do I make them do it together?

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Instead of @, try putting & and see if that will work.

Like this:
&TORI walks to spot etc…
&DEX walks to spot etc…

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You forgot the “spot” for Dex’s walking, so that should fix it as well.

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You need to separate the placement text and the action text. They aren’t moving at the same time because reader has to take all that time to read the next placement and since your girl moves first she is already moving by the time reader gets to your guy’s animation.

@TORI walks to blah blah blah and DEX walks to blah blah blah

@TORI faces left then TORI starts blah blah blah and DEX faces left then DEX starts blah blah blah

Separating them this way will allow reader to read them faster and have them happen at the same time.

At lest in my experience this helps