[CHARACTER'S NAME] changes into doesn't work?! HELP

When I do: @[CHARACTER’S NAME] changes into [CHARACTER’S NAME]_Kid, it won’t change?! there is no error or smt but he just doesn’t show it?!

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Where did you preview it? on the app or on the web previewer

Name the outfit something else

You have to get rid of those brackets []

It should look something like this👌:

@CHARACTER changes into outfit

You gotta get rid of the brackets. It should be @CHARACTERSNAME

I know, that was just for the name, but I still don’t know what’s the problem

Can you post a screenshot of your script?


Did you tried previewing on both?

Yes, I though it was just some kind of bug so I was previewing it on the app on mobile and it was just the same… :confused:

1.You could try writing this code on line 15 before the zooming?

2.Is it the same with other outfits as well? Did you try switching the YOU_Jog3 outfit with something else?

I will try

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