Hi! I recently wanted to add more characters to my story but there’s a twist. I’m not looking for any characters but specifically, demons and angels who live in the Afterlife in my story called Immortal Glory. I currently finished Season 1 so I will be needing more characters to put in Season 2. I need not only females but also male characters, who will most likely be background characters but some might get a role to play too (depends on the plot).

They need to maintain a specific style since they have to be easily distinguished by the reader without confusion. If you want to help me out, I’ve made a little visualization below what attributes the characters need.

Please, enclose their name too. You may also add their ethnicity, personality traits, etc. if you need it might help with their possible role not only as a background extra. Don’t be upset with me if I might need to make some changes to their look/name if a similar character already exists.


Hi! Here’s one of my characters. (Card made by @/Chloe.episode123). You’re free to change her outfit to your liking, although with the current look, she looks more of an angel than a demon. Feel free to make changes! And if you’re looking to credit, you can credit me by my forums name @Melish.episode -

Also, I started reading your story recently and it’s amazing!


Here’s mine:

Preferred name: Reese
Preferred supernatural species: Angel
Traits: Reserved, independent, honest and finds it difficult to lie, loyal to a fault, selective, socially awkward
Ethnicity: Half Australian, half Thai
Age: 22
Credit: schittwriter

You can change whatever details, traits etcetera you’d like if you use him. Lmk if you have any questions! :blush:


Here is mine!

I am from India!
Name: Deevas
supernatural species: I srsly wanna be hybrid :joy: I am happy with either of the role!
Personality traits: Straightforward , extrovert , can read people easily , loves to help people in need, independent.
Age: 19
My Insta ID: deevas.episode

Let me know if u need anything or have any questions! :blush:
good luck with ur story!



Name : Any name :joy: or just use Devil lmao

Attitude : Super sweet but can be a nightmare when people try to offend me or get on my nerves!

I’d love to be a Devil!!



Credits: @giulianna_creates on Instagram

Keep in mind my characters are boyfriend and girlfriend please and thank you.

Giulianna’s Traits: A bit bad around the edges, but will always have everyone’s back. Can be as sweet as candy, but if you make her mad in any way… WATCH OUT!
Bryce’s Traits: Without a doubt a bad boy, but will always have his loved ones back, can be a bit annoying to his girlfriend (AKA ME) sometimes, and when he pushes her buttons… HE BETTER WATCH OUT!

Please feel free to make changes, and you can have them as either an Angel or demon, doesn’t matter to me. Whatever suits their personality best.


Ethnicity: Italian
Age: 19 (but can be older in your story)
Traits: Independent, Fierce, Loyal, and Strongminded


Ethnicity: Japanese

Age: 21

Personality: Outgoing, fun, smart, strong, flirty, enjoy teasing and torture people

Boyfriend: Kai


Ethnicity: Korean

Age: 24

Personality: Easygoing, fun, funny, chill, silly, hangout, jealous and charming

Girlfriend: Ayame

Ethnicity: Half Japanese and half white

Age: 23

Personality: Bossy, sassy, rude, short temper, badass, fighter, and dislike people telling her what to do


Ethnicity: Chinese

Age: 19

Personality: Unfriendly, quiet, blunt, loner, smart, sleeper, hacker, gamers, and dislike annoying people

Ethnicity: Japanese

Age: 18

Personality: Cute, Cheerful, clumsy, airhead, crybaby, sometimes dumb, and friendly



Ethnicity: Half Japanese and half Chinese

Age: 22

Personality: Serious, composed, intimidating, strict, sadist, sporty, smart and enjoy punishing people

Credit me by Ayu-chan or @Ayu


If you needed character
Yes, you can use them again in the future for more of your stories
you can choose any role.
there is info for all of them.

Daisy Character

Screenshot (767)

Daisy is Yarissa sister
Daisy age is 24
Daisy is bisexual
Daisy is single
Daisy races; she is Mexican
Daisy loves: her family and friend and she love to be annoying to her sister
Daisy friend are: Gustavo, Landon, Luke, Yarissa

Yarissa Character

Screenshot (770)

Yarissa is Daisy sister
Yarissa age is 27
Yarissa is Straight
Yarissa races; she is Mexican
Yarissa is in a relationship with Martin Jr
Yarissa loves: her family and friend and she love to be annoying to her sister
Yarissa friend are: Daisy and Martin Jr

Martin Jr Character

Martin Jr is dating Yarissa
Martin Jr age is 25
Martin Jr races; he is Mexican
Martin Jr he is Straight
Martin Jr he is in a relationship with Yarissa
Martin Jr he loves: this family and friend and he love to be annoying to Yarissa and to Daisy
Martin Jr friend are: Yarissa

Gustavo Character

Gustavo age is 22
Gustavo, he is Straight
Gustavo, he is single
Gustavo, races; he is Mexican
Gustavo he loves: this best friend and he is sweet and shy and nice Daisy
Gustavo best friend is: Daisy

Landon Character

Landon age is 26
Landon, he is Straight
Landon, he is single
Landon races; he is White
Landon he loves: this best friend and he is sweet and shy and nice
Landon has a crush on Daisy
Landon best friend is: Daisy
Landon he has a twin brother: this name is Luke

Luke Character

Luke age is 26
Luke, he is Straight
Luke, he is single
Landon races; he is White
Luke he loves: this best friend and he is sweet and shy and nice, rude sometimes
Luke also has a crush on Daisy
Luke best friend is: Daisy and Landon
Luke, he has a twin brother: this name is Landon

My Instagram at daisy.rodriguezepisode for daisy, Gustavo, Landon, Luke Characters and tag my sister Characters with her boyfriend card at Instagram tag me when you published your story also you could change any outfits you like :smiley:


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You don’t have to :pleading_face:but thank you so much! I’m very happy you liked it!

Thank you all for your characters! I appreciate all the help I got from you :revolving_hearts:

If there’s anybody else who would like to share their character you can still do so!

Here's mine

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I would love to be featured. Feel free to change the outfit and accessories to suit your story.

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