Characters needed asap

So i need some characters for my new story Revenge On The Bad Boy.
I need:

Please do them in ink and leave tell me your character features and name. Also feel free to leave your instagram name so i can give you a shoutout xx


My Instagram is epy.bby_nae and any outfit and role is fine. :heartpulse:

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Role: Whatever role you think it fits them

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could the role possibly be a cheerleader?

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defo xx tysm do you want your instagram name?

Ty for all the characters x do you want your instagram name?

Tysm how would you feel about a cheerleader xx

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Sorry, I don’t have Instagram :frowning:

You can credit me by Ayu-chan

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Perfect :sparkling_heart:

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Of course x do you want me to give you any story credits?

Thanks! No, it’s okay :smiley:

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okay x


credit - forum username @sierra.martinez

Tysm! How about a cheerleader? xx

okay <3