Characters needed (fantasy - ink - unreleased)

Hi, I need characters for my unreleased, ink, fantasy story.
I would really appreciate it if you gave me a character of any role.

Main Characters

Name - Livia Clarke
Age - 17 years old
Personality - Shy, Kind, Sometimes Sassy and Awkward
Species - Wolf

Name - Alec Scott
Age - 22 years old
Personality - Flirty, Reckless and Cocky
Species - Vampire

Name - Mason Jordi
Age - 21 years old
Personality - Helpful, Kind and Respectful
Species - Angel
Roles Needed
  • Vampires
  • Wolves
  • Wolf Hunters
  • Witches
  • Fairies
  • Angels
  • Demons
  • Background Characters
  • Livia’s Human Best Friend (FULL)
  • Livia’s Vampire Best Friend (FULL)
  • Livia’s Demon Rivals
  • Livia’s Cousins (Boys or girls)
  • Livia’s Overprotective Older Brother (Can be adopted I don’t mind)
  • Livia’s Exboyfriend
Roles Taken

@Cheshire.Cat - Kendall (Kennedy) - Livia’s Vampire Best Friend
@Alyssa_Epi - Alyssa - Livia’s Human Best Friend
@xetic - Diana - Livia’s Demon Rival

Thank you
Lexxie xx

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Can I be Livia’s vampire best friend?

Name: Kendall
Nickname : Kennedy

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Of course

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Ooh can I be Livia’s demon rival

Name: Diana
Skin tone: Olive
Hair style: diva curls or straight
Hair color: white
Eye shape and color: upturned feline Auburn or silver
Nose: elven/upturned
Lips: full round plum
Eyebrows: mature round/ seductive arch

Can I be Livia’s Human best friend?


Role: Livia’s Cousin
Note: You don’t need to add the wings for m outfit

Credits: Forum Username @pastelthunder8


Wolf Hunter




C h a r a c t er s

Livia’s overprotective older brother




I don’t mind what role :grin:

Role: Vampire!

Name: Lana Sharp



Body: Taupe

Brow: Mature Round

Hair: Straight (Black)

Eyes: Downturned Natural (hickory)

Face: Oval

Nose: Soft Natural

Lips: Full Round (Scarlet)


She tends to wear a lot of red/black, and dresses super angsty.

Sexuality (if needed)


Personality (if needed)

Sarcastic, snarky, kind of an asshole because she’s so blunt and brutally honest. Apathetic, PASSIVE AGRESSIVE, sassy, not afraid of anything/anyone. She’s a total badass and is super intelligent, cold, calculating, and especially manipulative. But she’s not downright a mean girl. She only shows emotion around her closest and most trust friends, she doesn’t warm up to people quickly. She has emotional walls and doesn’t really let people in for the fear that she’ll get hurt. She’s very angsty and super pessimistic/realistic. Doesn’t really do romance unless she’s really head over heels.

Instagram: @zapcatini.episode

credit - forum username @siierraa
role - demon (or angel) <3

Her personality and outfit is optional. :slightly_smiling_face:
I would love to be her cousin or a vampire!