Characters needed for LDR entry

She can be the friend :)

She has a hint of crazy in, she acts innocent All the time… silently giving you the deathstare if you ignore her…she loves hurting people only because she feels hurt herself

Insta: @timber.pup
(If ya want)

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heyaa ! you can use my details :)) i could be a fairy or whatever you want. you can also change my hair if you want :3

i’m a huge foodie and i’m kinda goofy.
my instagram is @talesbyagathi , no need to credit tho :))

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i will for sure make her be a character in the story! unsure who i will pick for the best friend yet, but she is for sure a maybe for the best friend! thank you <33

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Okie dokie!
Want me to send the rest of my characters?
(though I don’t feel like typing out Their personalities ;-; )

sure i dont mind :slight_smile:

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Couple 1





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