Characters needed for my limelight story 🤠


Hey, peeps. I need some limelight characters for my story. I would really appreciate it if you would submit a form. Which is down below :heart: I do need female and male characters, but please if you make a female, add a male afterwards because I have a lot of females, but at the same time I still need more. (i.e. Twins, Partners, and etc.) Just tell me their relationship in this thread after you submit it. I also need characters with colored hair!!!

Limelight, btw.

When you submit a form, please notify me by saying I’ve submitted or anything along those lines in this thread.

What I need

I need characters for my story. If I like your character a lot, then they might have an important role in my story… :woman_shrugging::wink:

Click the link to submit


Sorry, if you did not want to get tagged, some of these are random.

If you were notified.


















oml, it legit won’t let me tag. I’m not even sure if the tags are going to work…


What kind of characters are you looking for?

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Limelight. It says it in the title and I bolded it. :joy:

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No like are you looking for bg characters or friends or what kind?

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It’s in what I need above.

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Whoops, sorry :joy:

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Oof, don’t be sorry. I’m sure I would’ve done the exact same thing. :black_heart:

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Hey, I was wondering if you would like to check out my new story? It’s called “Take My Heart”

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Oh my, of course! I absolutely love reading others’ stories.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I am filling out the form now, btw

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No, thank you! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Also, my character Alexianna is Approachable :joy:

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I know :slight_smile: But the problem is that it’s night in rp now and all my characters are already with other characters now. I can’t make leave any of them.

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Lmao, that’s fine. I’m just really bored and any attention I can get, I’ll take it. :sweat_smile:

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:joy::joy: Yeah Ik that feeling. But you will have to wait for a few hours for everyone to come online since most of them live in US?

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I live in the US. I’m in Cali. It’s only like 10pm for me, though.

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Ohhhhh… I live in WA. It’s the same time, lol. I was the only one in PST time zone till now in that rp. Glad I could find someone now :joy:

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Oh, wow. I wonder where does everyone else live, then. It’s nice to have something in common, lol. Also, I’m reading your story and it’s pretty good so far!!!

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Yeah. Most of them either live on the east coast or in europe

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Ah, okay. Well, that’s cool. Sucks that no one else in online. I swear Alex has been in the library for maybe 600 hours. :joy:

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