Characters needed for my new INK story



I’m in need of characters for my upcoming INK story.
Could you send me their details, outfits if you have casual and formal ones or I’ll pick and if you want a name for them, their flaws, passion and age (All characters need to be 18 or older) ( If you want a role as a younger character then PM me !)(You don’t have to send their name, flaws, passion and age if you don’t want)
I need male and female characters
If you want a role as a main character them PM me. If you want this then you’d have to give me the extra information I listed.
You can fill this out if it is easier


I hope I got the part :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My username on Episode is Cuddly_Duckling
Insta: cuddly_duckling.episode


Thank you!
Check your DM on Instagram :purple_heart:


Done ! Hope I get a part. :blush:


Thank you, I’ll look through it and message you on Instagram :purple_heart:


Hi! I filled out your form, really hoping to get a part :crossed_fingers:t3:


Thank you! I’m currently writing a bit of my story so I’ll let you know ASAP. Also I’ll let you know via Instagram. If that’s a problem let me know :purple_heart:


Filled out 2 forms.


Thank you! I’ll look through them in a bit and DM you. If that’s a problem let me know :purple_heart:


Maybe this can help?


I filled my form. really looking forward to your story though


just filled my forms but I have some questions
My Instagram is @mafi.editz
Can we talk there please :blush:


Thank you :purple_heart:


Yep, we can :slight_smile: