Characters Needed For My Story!


Hi there!! So, I’m not a very creative person and can’t create characters for myself. Anyway, I was thinking, I’ve been in a few people’s story, so why not create my own topic where people can share their character’s to be in my story! Just post your character in the form sheet below:
Beware, this is in the INK style, not Limelight


Moved to Resources section! :v:t2:




Um… Hey! @SpiralKaleidoscope
I tried to fill the form but when I opened it said that you need permission from the owner.
I don’t understand. What does that mean?


Oh ok, I’ll fix it now




Yeah! Sure.


Try it now, it might work.


Hey, I submitted the form.
Hope I’ll get a chance to be in your story!!


Yeah! Now it does work.




I submitted mine.
Hope to be in the story.




Let me know when you publish your story.


I will


Hi!! I hate to ask this but can you please go back and do the form again? I missed some questions out


Hi! I just submitted and hope to be in your story! :hugs::crossed_fingers:t3:




No problem! :wink:


8 characters remaining!