Characters needed for new story! (ink)



I need A LOT of background\Minor characters for my up coming story.
So if you want to be in it, Please drop your details below!


Skin tone: toffee
Hair: charcoal , beach wavy hair
Eyes: slender natural , pine
Nose; pointed
Lips: blossom lips , olive
Face shape : diamond
Name: aya




Haha sorry :sweat_smile:
Eyebrow: thin Angeled


May I have a picture just to make sure everything looks totally correct?!


Totally, let me make that character first :sweat_smile:


I edited my first post , thanks and sorry :sweat_smile:


Its all good!




Do you still need characters?


yes of course!


there are the deets


Could I get them in words too, just so I don’t mess her up


Hair : Beach Wave
Hair Colour : Black
Face Shape : Soft Heart
Skin : Caramel
Eyebrows : Thin Arch
Nose : Perked
Eyes : Upturned Bold
Eye Colour : Brown
Lip : Classic
Lip Colour : (Any brown colour to match the skin)

(You can change the clothes if you want)


And name?






Your welcome! Always want to help dear forumers!


Name : Sierra / or Sarah if it’s easier
Skin : Light
Face : Soft Heart
Hair : Beach Wave
Hair Color : Platinum Blonde
Eyebrows : Seductive Arch
Eyes : Upturned Bold
Eye Color : Dark Blue
Nose : Refined
Lips : Full Round
Lip Color : Dark Red

Personality : I’m kind but I am definitely not a push over! I can have an attitude but I protect those I care about! I can have fun also too! Please add me as a character! Thank you!


Name : Annie
faces: diamond
hair: straight
Hair colour: fawn
eyebrows: seductive arch
Eyes: Upturned Bold
eye colour: Brown
lips : full round
lip colour: crimson

Personality: I am kind i am not fake i protect those i love and care about Please add me as a character! thank you