Characters needed for new story!

Hey! I’m starting a new story and I need help with making some characters! Now, I’m not exactly looking for people to be in my story, I mean, I need you to make a character that’s preferably not yourself, since I’m looking for characters that match the personalities I have made up for them! I hope that makes sense c:

If you want, you can come up with a bit of personality yourself to match a character that you made, since I do need a few ideas :smiley:

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Here is a few characters for you! You can name them and decide all of their personalities. :smile:

Skin Tone-Ink Female Olive
Hair- Straight Black
Eyes- Upturned Bold Blue
Nose- Eleven
Mouth-Blossom Lips Cherry Red
Face Shape-Soft Heart
Eyebrows- Seductive Arch
Name- Xandra

Skin Tone-Ink Female Tan
Hair- Platinum Blond Beach Wave
Eyes-Upturned Feline
Nose- Upturned
Mouth-Classic Plum
Face Shape-Soft Heart
Eyebrows-Defined Natural
Name- Nia

Skin Tone-Ink Female Olive
Hair-Beach Wave Chestnut
Eyes- Upturned Bold Black
Nose- Eleven
Mouth- Full Round Ruby Red
Face Shape-Soft Heart
Eyebrows-Defined natural
Name- Kathy

Skin Tone-Male Honey
Hair- Short Cropped Black
Eyes- Classic Round Hickory
Nose- Button
Mouth- Small Round Taupe
Face Shape- Defined Triangle
Eyebrows- Thick Arch

I hope this helped! And just incase I put the names I came up with for the characters :smile:

Thank you! I will be sure to use at least one of these for my story! :smiley:

I have a mean girl:


And here’s a normal girl: