Characters Needed For Squad Contest Entry - LL

The story I am working on is currently lacking some character’s so what better place to find them than the community!

Your character will be used as either a teacher for upcoming heroes or a hero. I also need the top ten heroes. Only add your hero rank if you are going to be in the top ten.

The 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 7th hero ranks are taken!

This story is in Limelight!

Everything but character details is optional!!!
Character Details:
Teacher or Hero:
Hero rank:
Hero Outfit:



Character by: @lanafrazer_episode
Hero Name: Wisecrack
Role: Lana is a newer hero. She has been in the field for two years and isn’t concerned about climbing the ranks. She says she only cares to make citizens feel joy in the face of fear. She isn’t very flashy but is very friendly.
Power: Force Funny; She can make anyone go into a laughing fit by touching them. She can control her power fairly well. She can only make up to three people go into fits at once although it takes a toll on her body.


Character by: @Faith_mayxx
Villain Name: Double
Role: She is in a lower level villain group. The group’s goal is to avenge people who deserve it but heroes won’t do it. Her group is currently after one of the main characters.
Power: Item-Duplication; She can duplicate any item she touches. The bigger the item the longer it takes and the bigger toll on her body.
Backstory: She grew up in a family of heroes but at 15 her mother was killed on a mission stopping a villain. The villain got away with her death until nine months later when the villain was caught by chance. Bella lost hope in hero society and began to hate heroes because they didn’t truly hunt out the villain responsible for her mother’s death. A year after her mom’s death a villain came up to her trying to recruit her. She joined the villain’s group and promised to avenge her mother’s death.


Character by: @QueenMilii
Villain Name: Binate
Role: Mili is a well known villain. She makes a point to never target citizens and only heroes. She is known to be very problematic to hero agencies. The public has only ever seen her face in videos she puts out to the heroes.
Power: Mili is a part of the small population of people without a power. Her knowledge of technology and hacking makes not having a power so bad.
Backstory: After her only guardian was sacrificed during a situation with the heroes and villains she realized the heroes weren’t the saviors she needed. She chose to become a villain of her own. She hacks into hero agencies and gets information on heroes. Her information is sold to the highest bidding villain group. She is extremely wealthy due to the money from bids. She pays villain groups to kidnap heroes for her and she keeps them in her basement and sends videos to their hero agencies to get ransom money. She constantly gives her money away to the more unfortunate and gives them the care and protection the heroes didn’t give her.


Character By: @pqstiche
Villain Name: Ghost
Role: Hermione is a villain just doing as she pleases. She possesses the bodies of lower heroes and ruins their reputations. She follows no rules but her own.
Power: Possession; She can possess anyone’s body as if she was a ghost. The longer she possesses the body the foggier her mind will get.


Character by: @mt.episode
Villain Name: Splash
Role: She is a lower level villain. She is well known in her town and locals are searching for her.
Power: Water body; She is able to turn parts of her body to water as she pleases. She can’t use this for attacks but rather uses it for defensive reasons.


Character by: @MissClare
Hero Name: Glitch
Role: Clare has been a hero for ten years now. She owns the hero agency the main characters work for. She is ranked as the 4th top american hero. Her hero costume shows a lot of skin because she can’t use her power on clothed parts of her body or she will phase through the clothing.
Power: Phase; She can phase through any object she pleases. If she overuses her power her body will start to glitch and phase in and out of everything.


Character by: @Awae
Hero Name: Multi
Role: Ambrosine is a very well known costume designer. She retired from hero work due to a power accident. She nearly died from the accident but her power was majorly affected. She still does her work in her hero costume for some nostalgia.
Power: Self multiplication; She is able to create copies of herself as she pleases. She can only make three copies. As soon as she uses her power her body becomes weaker.


This is awesome, feel free to give me anything.


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Thanks for the details!

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Character Details:
Teacher, Hero or Villain: Villain
Hero/Villain Outfit: Anything doesn’t really matter
Backstory: She grew up in a family of heroes but her mother was killed on a mission stopping a villain so she grew to hate heroes. A year later at the age of 16 a villain came up to her to recruit her into an villain group and she took it, promising to avenge her mother’s

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Thanks for the details! I will add your character to this thread once I create her outfit and power.


I want to be a villain! :cowboy_hat_face:


I love the character sheet! I’ll add you character here soon. I need to make her outfit and power first.

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Mili (Villain)

Body: Copper 04
Brow: Arched Natural (Black Dark)
Hair: Long Down Wavy Princess Braid (Updo when fighting crime and party) (Black Dark)
Eyes: Female Generic (Brown Pale)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Rose Matte)

Fighting Crime
Side Buttonup Overcoat Cotton Grey Black
Open Toe Platform Stiletto Laced Leather Black
Diamond Studded Triangle Earrings Diamond Gold
Thin Chain Strap Purse Glitter Black

Sleeveless Turtleneck Neutral Black
Ankle Lengthtight Grey Black
Simple Heels Leather Black
Snake And Rose Tattoo Ink Multicolor
Floral Lace Dangling Earrings Cotton Grey Black

Vneck Fit And Flare Mini Dress Nylon Black
Pointed Toe High Heels Pleather Grey Black
Diamond Studded Triangle Earrings Diamond Gold
Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Gold
Thin Chain Strap Purse Glitter Black

After her only guardian was sacrificed during a battle of heroes and villains, Mili realized the heroes weren’t the saviors she needs and joined the villains.

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Villain Outfit

Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 3.25.34 AM|544x447

Teacher, Hero or Villain:
After been bullied at school for not knowing English because she came from another country, Melany decides that she doesn’t want to be more afraid now she’s a villain that everyone is scared of her.

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Thanks for the character! I will add her soon!

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Ooh I love her! Can you let me know when the story is out I wanna read it!

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Thanks for the character! Could I see a screenshot of this area of your screen for her outfit though?



I plan on letting everyone in the story know when its out in case they want to read it. :blush:

Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 3.25.34 AM
Here is

Thank you! I’ll add her in a bit. I just need to add some others and then come up with a power for her.

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What color is her hair?

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Black Dark

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Thank you!

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I spent way more time than I should have on that :joy:

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The deeper into her role I get the more I love her. :sweat_smile: :laughing:

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