Characters Needed for Story!


in my story i need at least 3 characters :slight_smile: to be the MC friends and i need 2 more characters to be “mean girls”
And if any males want to take place in this too then i’ll need four :slightly_smiling_face: does anyone want to be one ? if so i’ll need an outfit for yourself and your details on how u look (story style is INK) (NO MORE TAKERS)


Can I be one of the main characters friends?



A friend for you!

Body - Light
Brow - Seductive Round
Hair - Long Curly Hair
Hair Color - Fawn
Eyes - Upturned Luxe
Eye Color - Green
Face Shape - Round
Nose - Aquiline
Lips - Classic Slender
Lip Color - Blush


Here’s the third bff!! She’s a rebel btw and you can name her Vicki or Victoria


And a mean girl, too.

Body - Beige
Brow - Thin Soft Arch
Hair - Diva Curls
Hair Color - Platinum Blond
Eyes - Downturned Bold
Eye Color - Blue
Face Shape - Soft Heart
Nose - Pointed
Lips - Classic
Lip Color - Bubblegum Pink


of course you can ! :heart:


okay thanks a lot !:heart:


thanks :heart:!


thank you :heart:!


wait what’s your name love ?




I should probably give some personality and details.

Natalie is a sweet and trustworthy girl. She’s a bit shy and loves books/reading. Her parents are both doctors.

Clarissa is petty, vain, and is almost always on her phone. She’s also a cheerleader.


omg i was just thinking that :joy:! and victoria looks more of a rebellious one right ?


Does that mean u need the personality of my character too?


i mean i already have you based as the leader of the MC’s friend group whereas Natalie and Victoria always are arguing if you don’t mind ? but you can still tell me ur personality


Yea true that’s ok I don’t think a personality is necessary since I’m the leader of the best friends lol


Yeah shes a rebel lol