Characters Needed For Unreleased Story *INK* *ABOUT HENRY VIII's WIVES*

Hi, as the title suggests I need characters for my unreleased ink story called Six.
My story is about the six wives of Henry the 8th but they’re a girl group and need to decide which one of them is the leading lady. So to decide which one is the lead they go through their pasts with Henry and whoever had the worst one will be the leading lady.

Main Characters
Catherine Of Aragon

Name - Catherine Of Aragon
Role - Main Character
Wife Number - Wife 1

Anne Boleyn

Name - Anne Boleyn
Role - Main Character
Wife Number - Wife 2

Jane Seymour

Name - Jane Seymour
Role - Main Character
Wife Number - Wife 3

Anne Of Cleves

Name - Anne Of Cleves
Role - Main Character
Wife Number - Wife 4

Kathryn Howard

Name - Kathryn Howard
Role - Main Character
Wife Number - Wife 5

Catherine Parr

Name - Catherine Parr
Role - Main Character
Wife Number - Wife 6

Roles Needed
  • Audience
  • Drummer (FULL)
  • Bass Guitar
  • Lighting Workers
  • Director
  • Executioner (FULL)
  • Background Character
Roles Taken

@Ayu - Ayame - Audience
@Ayu - Kai - Audience
@Ayu - Yuna - Drummer
@Ayu - Haru - Executioner

Thank you.
Lexxie xx


Role: Whatever role you think it’s for them

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Totally unrelated but do you have a IG? I need to read this story.

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It is not released yet but yes I do @lxxieamelia.epi
It will be out next week.

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C h a r a c t e r s


Lightning Worker

Role: Director

Credits: Forum username @pastelthunder8

I don’t mind what role
Credit (if needed): @episode_lauren1


Role: bass guitar


Name: Diana

Skin tone: Olive

Hair style: diva curls or straight

Hair color: white

Eye shape and color: upturned feline Auburn or silver

Nose: elven/upturned

Lips: full round plum

Eyebrows: mature round/ seductive arch