Characters needed (ink)! (CLOSED)



Characters needed for my story!!

The types of people you will be playing is

-Computer Geek (TAKEN)
-Gang Members(TAKEN)

If you are interested you have to send me your

-Name (first name)
-Forums Username
-Character Details
-What role you want

If the role you want has (TAKEN) beside it please pick another one.


  • Caylie💕


Name: Teah
Clothes: Does not matter
Hair: Long Feathered (Fawn)
Face: Oval
Eyebrows: Seductive Round
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Brown)
Nose: Soft Natural
Mouth: Classic (Blush)
Skin Color: Olive
Role: Gang member


Thx for applying message me if you want to know anything about the story❤️


Hey! I wanna bw one badass gang member! I am going to send you a picture of me!

Name: Annie (I am anni, but that isn’t english name so…)
FU: Annix
Clothes: Something like that picture below ,she likes red and always wears heels!
Personality: ( I added this lol) Fierce, confident and extra!
and character details:


Thx❤️ Message me for anymore details.


Hey, I would’ve wanted to be a gang member, but it’s taken. But ig I’ll volunteer for the librarian, if you still need one!

Name: Ana
Skin color: Olive
Brows: Seductive Arch
Hair: Straight (Chestnut)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Toffee)
Face: Oval
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Full Round (Scarlet)


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Can I be the Libraian?
The name is: Stephanie
My forum username: Stxphanix
Long Feathered BLACK (hair)
Soft Heart (face)
Defined Natural (eyebrows)
Upturned Bold GREEN (eyes)
Elven (nose)
Full Round DUSTY ROSE (lips)
Skin MOCHA (skin)

And if it includes the outfit too then:
Teal Full Turban Headwrap,
Light Steel Blue High Waisted Pants,
Magenta and Black Long Sleeved Striped Bomber,
Black Chelsea Boots and Socks


You’re an official character in my story!!


Your officially part of my story!


Great, thanks! Name of your story ? Just to be on the look out when you publish it!


The name is called Gangster Twins i will PM you when I publish it.


Okay thanks