**Characters Needed** (INK) - (OPEN)

Submitted!! :grin:

Thank you :heart::heart::heart:

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Done the form :grin:

cool :sunglasses:

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Submitted! :wink::yellow_heart:

Just submitted a form! :slight_smile:

yaaaaas, join the club :laughing:

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Great :star_struck:

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But i do have a question. When you publish the story what would it be called? :thinking:

I would love to be in your story

OH wait i just saw it I keep forgetting you put the name

First three episodes are already published, you’ll be a character in my future episodes or my next one ep.4 :grin:

Story title: It’s Going Down


Oh no, that’s okay :laughing:

Ooh great! Gonna read it rn :grin: :smirk:

WARNING first episodes are short

click the link at the top to go to google forms, then fill it out and request :+1:

And its a action story?! heck yeh! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s fine if its short trust me! My story first 3 episodes will be short too

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:rofl: you just gotta love action!!! Can’t wait to read your story :grin:

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YESS! And I’m going to read your story right now! :blush:

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YAY :wink: My reaction when hearing the word cake