Characters Needed {INK}


Hey, it’s Winter. I need story characters and background characters for another upcoming story. If you would like to be a character in my story, fill this form out:

Comment below once you’ve filled it out so I know please. :wink:

~ Winter :snowflake:


I did


Thanks! :blush:


done :grin: !!!


Thank you! :blush:


I have done it. I hope it is ok?


Thank you! Yes, it’s fine. :slight_smile:


Thank you @Annaliese_Clairemont for 2 and @Sania! :hugs:


Did it~!!


Will I be in your story


Yes, somewhere. :slight_smile:


Thanks! :wink:




done :slight_smile:


@Trying_To_Help @elaf @Zahida Thank you for submitting! :blush:

@Zahida You said you don’t understand you may not be given the role you chose above so I cannot accept your request unless you explain, sorry.

~ Winter :snowflake:


~bumping~ :wink:


I did! I hope he helps in something :sweat_smile:

Do you have a story published? Can you please give me the name? I’m looking for something new to read :smile:


Thank you! :blush:

And yes, I do. It’s called Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future and is by Winter05. Feel free to leave fanmail and PM me some feedback. :smile:

~ Winter :snowflake:


Still need characters!! :persevere::grin:


I can make you another character if you need :slight_smile: