Characters needed (INK)!

I am in need for some characters for my INK story
I will need your character details and a certain outfit if you want one, however a few of the characters will be featured a lot and 3 are the main characters best friend so they will be in different outfits and hairstyles/ makeup, could you also include usernames so I can credit you !
So it will be the first ones to be a main character!
You can also choose what character you want to play in the given selection!

Here are the options:
-Best friend (There are no longer any spaces)
-the queen (There are no longer any spaces)
-the main characters mother
-maids (There are now 3)
-cooks (there are now 1)
-shop keeper (There are now 3)
-guards ( There are 3)
-village people (There are about 14 but I am not sure)

Hi, can I play as the best friend?
Here are my details:

Face - Oval
Skin - Light Ocre
Eyes - Upturned Bold (brown)
Nose - Aqueline
Eyebrows - Medium Soft Arch
Lips - Blosson (blush)
Hair - Straight (black) / Fishbraid (black)
My instagram user is Vivi.Officially.Episode

Yes you can!
Also what would you like your name to be

Just any side character should be fine
Name: Emily
Hair: Long Feathered (black)
Eyes: Round Bold (brown)
Face: Round
Nose: Elven
Skin: Beige
Brow: Thin Curved
skater navy blue
Skater tee maroon
Boheiman outfit slouchy fringe boots
Sheer dot leggings
Yellow Werecat ears


Sure but idk if that goes good with the outfit

Yeah don’t worry I just realised :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m ok with being the villain or the best friend

Ok !

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Sorry to bother you again but how would you like your Lips ?

Can I be a best friend? I’ll be back in a few minutes to give you the details! brb!


Could I be a maid?

Sure, I just need your character details



Character Name: Loren

Skin: Light
Eyebrow: Soft Angled/Black
Hair: Straight/Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Upturned Bold/Brown
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Full Round/Pink
Shirt: Plain Tank Top
Shorts: Skater Gray Ripped Shorts
Shoes: Black Beach Day Skater Shoes

This is the best friend!

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What is your story called? I’m curious to see it.

I’m thinking about calling it Eternal love or something on the lines of that

Cool beans, can you tell us when it comes out?