Characters needed limelight

Now that we have new items I need new characters.

NEEDED: Sexuality, CREDIT, and personality.

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Any particular characters or just background characters?


But I might make some of them part of the story

Thank you

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Name: Lina Pierce


Body: rose 04

Eyebrows: arched natural (dark black)

Hair: Sleek Ponytail (dark black)

Eyes: deepest upturned wide (black)

Face: Diamond defined contour

Nose: defined nose

Lips: full round flat top skin (red deep matte)

Outfit (if needed)

She tends to wear a lot of red/black, and dresses super angsty. Always looks good.



Personality (if needed)

Sarcastic, snarky, kind of an asshole because she’s so blunt and brutally honest. Apathetic, PASSIVE AGRESSIVE, sassy, not afraid of anything/anyone. She’s a total badass and is super intelligent, cold, calculating, and especially manipulative. She’s very angsty and super pessimistic/realistic.

Instagram: @zapcatini.episode

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Thank you :blush:

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Cheerful, generous, kind, optimistic, happy
@angelic_lynn.episode or @Sunset_Shimmer

Straight or Bisexual
Loner, clever, smart, cool, bad-boy material but not really a bad boy
@angelic_lynn.episode or @Sunset_Shimmer

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Skin Tone: Gold 06
Eyes: Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye + Brown Black
Eyebrows: Straight Medium + Black Dark
Face Shape: Diamond Defined Contour
Hair: Voluminous Curls or Short Wavy Asymmetrical + Brown Black
Mouth: Full Wide + Rose Medium Nude Matte
Nose: Round Button
Sexuality: Heterosexual


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Thanks :blush:

Thanks! :blush:

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Sexuality: straight
Credit: @cakegirl_44
Personality: funny, silly, extroverted, adventurous

Sexuality: straight
Personality: confident, smart, independent, genuine

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CHARACTER (Amanda) credits to lazy_donut
Body : Rose 02
Brow : Arched Natural (Light Brown)
Hair : Over Shoulder Braid (Platinum Blonde)
Eyes : Female Generic (Blue Green)
Face : Diamond
Nose : Defined Natural
Lips : Full Round Pouty (Beige Gold Matte)

Deep V Swimsuit Lycra Grey Black
(PP) Oversize Denim Pants Denim Light Blue
Ankle Buckle Boots Pleather Grey Black
(PP) Cluster Funk Shirt Flannel
Strapped Accented Watch Face Metal Gold

Charmimg and super-confident. Always saying what she is thinking. Very romantic-she falls in love with litterally every man that she meets. Always flirting with a guy. With her friends she is very kind and always ready to find a partner for them.

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Thank you

You’re welcome :blush:

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I came up with some ideas and you can ignore the outfits but i thought it would be a good idea to include them. The last character can be either royal or some kind of prom queen. Idk but idc it’s your story. Do what you want with the characters.


58d21e24c833b20194ee687c43d04103afaf20f0_2_690x387 1739c03c80c06ac9063dcb1ba6a93bdecb4f0d21_2_690x387



  • Rude to anyone who says anything to them ever.
  • Secluded and kind of reserved from everyone.
  • Bisexual
  • Credit: Maya L.


  • Extremely kind to everyone.
  • Has lots of friends and can make anyone happier (except maybe Raven :joy: )
  • Straight
  • Credit: Maya L.


  • Nice but can explode at any little inconvenience.
  • Introverted
  • Has a select few friends
  • Straight
  • Credit: Maya L.


  • Stuck up lil bitch.
  • Extroverted but has no friends (cause shes super stuck up)
  • Pansexual
  • Credit: Maya L.

Name: Isabella (Nickname: Izzy)
Hair: Wavy Long (Dirty Blonde)
Face: Heart Soft
Eyebrows: Arched Thin (Deep Brown)
Eyes: Round Medium (Green Emerald)
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty (Pink Beige Gloss)
Body: Copper 00
Outfit: You can choose just NOTHING PINK I repeat NOTHING PINK!


: Worries and stresses out a lot
Gets anxious often
Likes following the rules and not breaking the law
doesn’t drink!
Can be kind of a b*tch to people she doesn’t like
Brutally honest, straight to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush
Can be a little completely insane
Friends convinced that she has murdered someone (she hasn’t, she just can think of ways to kill someone and has been tempted)
Kind of intimidating to some people unintentionally
Holds grudges
Likes reading and writing
Loves playing piano, guitar, and singing
Likes writing music
Kind be a bit aggro
Acts like a literal Mum to her best friends
Does not like exercise
Argues and debates anyone, anywhere, about anything

Sexuality: Asexual
Don’t worry about credit