Characters Needed! (Limelight!)

I am looking for help creating characters for my story! They need to be Limelight characters, and I have some details that are required for some characters! If you are interested please reply to this post or PM me so I can tell you which character I would like you to create!!! :slight_smile:


I have a shop that specialises in this :

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name: Rebecca
skin: Neutral 10
brow: Arched Natural (Deep Brown)
hair: Long Straight Loose Solid (black dark)
eyes: Deepset Downturned (blue green)
face: Diamond
nose: Grecian Soft
mouth: Small Heart (brown deep rose)

Name : Harry
skin: Gold 10
brow Round Soft (black dark)
hair: Wavy Long (black dark)
eyes: Male Deep Sunken (brown black )
face: Square Jaw
nose: Male Generic
mouth: Medium Heart (brown deep rose)

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Heres one thats kinda out of the blue:

What is your story called?