Characters Needed! (LL) Bullies


I need 3 characters! People who dont mind having theres as a bully, you know?
I am going to have the main girl and her two besties. This is for my story “Miss.Rebel” and I can/will credit you!



and if possible could i be main bully i like being evil lol



LOL! Before I actually read your request I was already thinking it!:joy::rofl: So yes, I can!:blush:




plz let me know when your story is out


let me know when its out! :slight_smile:


No prob!:blush:


im reading your story i like it so far


Wow! thanks! I know u asked when it comes out but, I was gonna wait till I got episode 6 in with your characters.:blush::grin:


well im on episode 4 rn and i like it so good job




no problem when do you think episode 6 will be out?:blush:


Perhaps tomorrow. (I think):thinking:


yay yay yay yay


LOL :rofl:


i look forward to it:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:


Do u need anymore characters
I know it says 3 but I thought I would just ask


I already have 3…BUT I was starting to think of a 4th!