Characters not appearing

Currently trying to make a cover photo for my story and i need the app to take screenshots but whenever i open my story none of the characters show up… this is happening to all of my stories right now and only my stories. i can read other stories on the app just fine. tried quitting the app and reopening it, tried restarting my phone, nothing is working. Characters still show up perfectly fine in the web previewer on my laptop. Help!!!

Hi @kennytay ! This has been a very common issue, so you’re not alone. I suggest sending a help ticket to Episode and letting them know that the “Characters not appearing” is becoming a bit popular. But, the response that you might likely get is this “oh, I’m sorry to hear this, blah blah. We are currently trying to find the solution to this. Use script instead.” I know that this is a pain and many authors prefer the Mobile edition, but sadly there isn’t a solution at the time. :((


okay that’s alright, thanks for the response!!

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No problem, enjoy your day! :slight_smile:

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you too!!

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Link for the help ticket in case you need it. :wink:

Not sure if you’ve found a workaround in the meantime or not, but I find when this happens I exit my story on the app and then go right back into it and the characters appear. (I even made this a suggestion in my stories for the reader! :slight_smile: )

yes i had tried quitting the app and reopening it like i mentioned and it didn’t help :(( for some reason this morning it is working fine though so no worries. thanks for the suggestion!

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