Character's not changing in preview

Hello, and thank you for your time.
The thing is I changed one of my character’s hair and eyes, but in preview on episode and on laptop she’s still the same. I refreshed the page but still nothing. What is wrong with that character?

Did you change her hair and eyes like in the coding ( @CHAR changes hair into…/@CHAR changes eyes into…) or did you like change it in the edit characters thing?

The seond one.

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lol did u hit Save Changes?

Of course. In the characters thing she looks the way I changed her.

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um, if i where you i would prob message episode about it lol, or you can delete that character and make a new one…

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“Reset” character by putting a commands at the beginning of the script (the features you changed), reset progress, play to see if it looks alright then later delete them :slight_smile:

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